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Laser power/angle adjustment

on Monday, February 20th, 2017 10:15

After camera and punish laser adjusted, flies showed a high avoidence in the trail. Especially, when the fly was hit by punish laser in the first time of each training block. Unfortunately, there was a huge drift in the last trace after adjustment, but it shows a good avoidence in each training block.

PKG rover from last week

on Monday, February 13th, 2017 9:37

Generally, PKG drosophila were flying much better when they hatched from normal temperature. There is the result from 10 PKG drosophila.

Update on PKG sitter/rover PI

on Monday, February 6th, 2017 9:41

There is a short update on summerized previous PI. Still, PKG transgenic drosophila is hardly testable, and the results seems not so promising. I’m going to focus on testing WTB this week, to compare the difference of PI between WTB and PKG

First glance at PKG effect on self-learning and long term memory

on Monday, January 23rd, 2017 2:51

There are two strains of drosophila prepared: PKG-rover(R), PKG-sitter(S). Each strain is supposed to test PI in 3 phases: no training, training, long term+no training. The following data show PKG-sitter flying trace and PI. Since there weren’t many flies in the first week, and they pause flying very often in the experiment, so there is only one single fly was tested successfully. Since the torque meter drifted on the next day, the long term result is quite debatable.



Wild Type Drosophila memory ability test

on Monday, November 7th, 2016 11:07

There were 6 more flies were tested, and PI from two tests are focused this time.  The inconstancy in PI (#23, #33)  from test1 and test2 indicates the learning or memory function in wild type during test.

  • PI from all 6 groups



  • fly trace(#33)


  • test1 (#33)


  • test2(#33)



Wild type Drosophila flying trace

on Monday, October 31st, 2016 12:03


Wild Type Drosophila were used for single fly trace testing. The basic ideal is to record the spontaneous behavior (flying trace) after punishment training by heat. The followings are 3 subjects were test with performance index (PI).

  •  wtb_08 (right punishment).
pretest(PI1) training1(PI2) training2(PI3) test1(PI4) training3(PI5) traing4PI(PI6) test2/3(PI7)
10000 10000 10000 9984 9117 8113 10000


  • wtb_10 (left punishment).
pretest training1 training2 test1 training3 traing4 test2/3
1121 2583 2397 -4310 9433 9458 9960


  • wtb_14 (left punishment).
pretest training1 training2 test1 training3 traing4 test2/3
-832 -9510 -8339 -9903 -813 -574 -9887


  • Average.
pretest1/2 training1 training2 test1 training3 traing4 test2/3
all 3429 1024 1352 -1409 5912 5665 3357
left punishment 144 -3463 -2971 -7106 4310 4442 36

PS: From Julien’s paper, he demonstrates that there are 7 blocks were included in PI ( one pretest:PI1; four training test: PI2, PI3, PI5,PI6; two memory test: PI4,PI7)