Joystick results

on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 2:09 | by Christian Rohrsen

These are the results of Saurabh and Avani together. The positive control, the last one seems to be good (for the barplot and the boxplot). The only objection is that from the metadata it seems like they did all the positive controls on the same day, the 6th of June, which is not  a good scientific practice. The third plot is the amount of experiments of each line.




These are the experiments from Amanda, the second plot is the amount of experiments per line. Since the positive control does not show the aversive phenotype I am afraid I have to throw her data away :(

I can´t see if effects reproduce in different hands because I do not have the data from Amanda, so I will just pool all the data together.

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Category: neuronal activation, Operant reinforcment, Optogenetics

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