wiggle difference

on Monday, July 16th, 2018 3:26 | by Saurabh Bedi

Below is a plot of all the flies of 18 genotypes for the wiggle difference. This is calculated by taking the sum of the difference of the tracepoint for each step. Thus, wiggle = sum(difference in tracepoint at each step). This is done for the entire 20 minutes time.

NOTE: The flies have not yet been separated into 2 categories based on pretest values.

Now we wanted to measure the difference in on wiggle and off wiggle. On wiggle is the wiggle for when the fly was in the part which is supposed to have light on and similarly off wiggle is the wiggle when light is supposed to be off(that is in the portion in which we want to train it to be in). So below is the difference of on wiggle and off wiggle i.e – on wiggle – off wiggle:-

mean of this wiggle difference :-

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