Update: DA and OA in photopreference

on Monday, August 1st, 2016 2:24 | by Axel Gorostiza

This is an update of the T-maze experiments for flies with OA and DA neurons manipulated.

  1. TH-G4s x shiTS.  Except for 2 groups the N is at least 5.

TH subgrups (WTB)

2. TbH-lexAs x shiTS.  Last year I tried to complete this experiment and several problems appear. Now I am starting to do it again and it seams that it works. N=4.


3. I am starting to test the same TbH lines crossed to TrpA1. So far, not much to say.

TbH TrpA1

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Category: Biogenic Amines, wing clipping

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