Update: Altering Photopreference of Drosophila with Diazepam

on Monday, August 8th, 2016 1:53 | by Lena Matzeder

In my last post I presented results of testing wing-clipped flies in the Benzer Paradigm, where half of them were fed with Diazepam. I repeated this experiment, but added 40 normal flies to 40 wing-clipped flies. However the following figure doesn’t show any increase of photopreference in Diazepam treated flies.

Benzer WW + WOW (16 each)PNG

To complement the individual T-Maze experiment, that I started recently with wing-clipped flies, I performed it with normal flies as well (n=20). The procedure was repeated 10 times. While the first figure in the following shows all 10 choices, the second one only refers to the first 6 choices.

Same Fly tested twice WW New Drug (10 choices)

Same Fly tested twice WW New Drug (First 6 choices)


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