Phototactic flexibility – Neural substrates

on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 2:29 | by Axel Gorostiza

In order to find which dopaminergic and octopaminergic neurons are related to light preference and the switch on it seen after clipping the wings, I decided to use a tool called CaLexA.

Here we can see my first attempt to use it. We can see the CNS from TH>CaLexA flies with and without wings.

I did not see any special signal in the brains, but I still have to play around a little bit more.

With Wings

TH CaLexA With Wings

Without Wings

TH CaLexA No wings C

TH CaLexA No wings B TH CaLexA No wings

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Category: Anatomy, Biogenic Amines, wing clipping

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