Update2: Variability of Phototaxis 4: Buridan

on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 11:19 | by Isabelle Steymans

I continued collecting data for the Buridan experiment, so that now I can also show some data for the tubes 3-5.

Like in the previous post the different plots differ more form each other than in the first experiment. (Fig. 1-4)


Fig. 1 Transitionplot for Tube 0


Fig. 2 Transitionplot for tube 1& 2


Fig.3 Transitionplot for tube 3 & 4


Fig. 4 Transitionplot for tube 5

And also this time I had again a look on the distance traveled per minute (Fig. 5) and the median speed (Fig. 6), the activitytime per minute (Fig. 7), the pause length (Fig. 8) , the number of pauses per minute and the number of walks (Fig. 9)

The flies of tube 0 traveled the smallest distance (Fig.5) and have the lowest activitytime (Fig.7) , but they have quite the same speed as the flies of the other groups (Fig.6). This can be explained by the number of pauses and the number of walks (Fig. 9). The flies of tube 0 make more pauses and less walks than the flies of the other tubes.


Fig. 5 Distance traveled per minute


Fig. 6 median speed


Fig. 7 Activitytime per minute


Fig. 8 Pause length


Fig. 9 Number of pauses & number of walks per minute


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