on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 2:58 | by Julien Colomb

I got mutant from Amita and will test them when out of quarantine. Then, we will have a clear answer about the compensatory mechanisms (the former mutant I tested was probably not null). There is also 2 other RNAi lines for PKC53e from the TriP project.

I am waiting for chrisi to be back and we will see what flies we need to order to bloomington in addition to these two. (There is also another RNAi against FoxP…)
The outcross of the RNAi is also running (3d cross, now).
We will then have 3 RNAi and one mutant, if the results are consistent, this would be enough to convince people that PKC53e is the PKC involved.

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Category: operant self-learning, PKC

2 responses to “PKC53E”

  1. Julien Colomb says:

    27491y1 v1; P{TRiP.JF02641}attP2 UAS-PKCRNAi
    34716 y1 sc* v1; P{TRiP.HMS01195}attP2 UAS-PKCRNAi

    9312 w*; P{Tdc1-GAL4.C}3/TM3, Ser1 TDC1-Gal4

  2. Julien Colomb says:

    waiting for the Pflueger’s group to look if they need flies. Marco may need new flies for imaging…

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