grip analysis on Buridan activity data

on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 7:49 | by Sathish K Raja

Grip analysis on:

1. Interval between activities (temporal)

2.Difference between the subsequent activity (temporal) like  [X2-X1,X3-X2]

3.Difference between the subsequent distance travelled during the activity period (spatial)

4.Pysolo midline crossing data. Data sampling at 1 min interval. number of time fly crosses the virtual midline over the period of 60 s.

Bar: 1.c105;c232-wtb


3. Wtb-TNT


Inter-activity interval of buridan activity


2.Difference between the subsequent activity

Difference between the subsequent distance travelled during the activity period

pysolo midlines crossing



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Category: buridan, Pysolo, Spontaneous Behavior

5 responses to “grip analysis on Buridan activity data”

  1. Sathish K Raja says:

    Your opinion ? GRIP analyis is designed mainly for inter activity interval. I modified the scripts to run on any given matrix to find the devaition from randomness.

  2. Julien Colomb says:

    can you give details: which activity calculation was used (TT or ST).
    the first one is taking the length of the pauses?
    what is these differences, why not using the length of the subsequent activity periods?

  3. Sathish K Raja says:

    Yes, Its time threshold activity. I will post the ST data soon
    yes, first one is the length of pauses.
    Differences are meant as substracting the subsequent activity. Its open for discussion and I thought of numerical differentiation instead of using directly the variables.I would do it with the length also. I am gonna have to ask Mayo about the limitation/range of GRIP procedure.

  4. I think I need to see a graph/picture of which data actually is going into the GRIP procedure. It should be some for of inter-event-interval, e.g. the times between an animal starts, or the times between an animal stopping.

    Also, for the first graph, the Y-values seem very high. This would be in need of comparison with known data…

  5. Sathish K Raja says:

    Okay ! I will post the graphs.
    What kind of known data do you recommend ? I could generate poisson process and run on it directly.We know the range already.

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