Larval food manipulation evaluation

on Monday, February 8th, 2021 1:28 | by Simon Benmaamar

1. Food Patch

No significant difference between groups in Standard (wilcox.test, p =0.9442), Sugar (wilcox.test, p=0.3097) and Fat (wilcox.test, p-value = 0.06267).
Significant difference between Rover and Sitter in Standard_new (wilcox.test, p=0.01057), Carbohydrates (wilcox.test, p= 0.0002445), Starch (wilcox.test, p-value = 0.03431) and Yeast (wilcox.test, p = 0.001455)

2. Distance Tracking

Signifcant difference between Groups in Standard (t-test, p=0.0317), Sugar (t-test, p=0.0103), Fat (t-test, p=0.01823), Starch (t-test, p = 0.03895) and Yeast (t-test, p=0.001894).
No significant difference between Rover and Sitter in Standard_new (t-test, p =0.08108), Carbohydrates (t-test, p=0.09875),
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