Octopaminergic neurons and phototactic flexibility

on Monday, February 1st, 2016 12:46 | by Axel Gorostiza

In previous experiments, I found one TβH(lexA)>shiTS  combination that recapitulated TDC2>shiTS T-Maze results (https://lab.brembs.net/2015/09/looking-for-the-da-oa-neurons-involved-in-phototactic-flexibility/). Here I present the expression pattern of those two TβH-lexA drivers used.

TβH54954-LexA (Brain)

TbHlexA54954 2-1 (RGB)

MAX_TbHLexA.lif - TbHlexA54954 2-1

TβH54954-LexA (VNC)

TbHlexA54954 VNCs (RGB)


MAX_TbHLexA.lif - TbHlexA54954 VNCs-1

TβH54075-LexA (Brain & VNC)

MAX_TbHLexA.lif - TbHlexA54075 1 (RGB)


MAX_TbHLexA.lif - TbHlexA54075 1-1

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