Update: Temperature Impact on Phototactic Behavior

on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 11:01 | by Amelie Roedel

I plotted every genotype seperately as a dot plot (Figure 1 – 5).



WTB x Shi-dots

Figure 1: WTB x ShiTS



Gr28b.d x WTB-dots

Figure 2: Gr28b.d(X) x WTB



Gr28b.d x Shi.dots

Figure 3: Gr28b.d(X) x ShiTS



TrpA1 x WTB-dots

Figure 4: TrpA1 x WTB



TrpA1 x Shi^TS-dots

Figure 5: TrpA1 xShiTS



Figure 6 shows the results of the trials for the different WT lines.


gentic background

Figure 6: genetic background at four different temperatures (17°C, 25°C, 32°C, 37°C)




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