Update: Phototactic Flexibility (OA Neurons) & “Stainings”

on Monday, December 7th, 2015 12:47 | by Bianca Birk

In Fig 1 you see the results of the tbh – subgroups screen.

Furthermore I plotted them in a dot plot. (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3)


Fig.1 tbh subgroups screen



Fig 2. tbh subgroups tested in September and October



Fig. 3 tbh subgroups tested in November and December


Moreover I dissected some brains which I crossed to GFP (nucl.)



Fig4. tbh-48331 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFB_39941.lif - Image016

Fig 5. tbh-39941 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_39939.lif - Image008

Fig 6. tbh-39939 x GFP (nucl)



C2-tbh_GFP_39942.lif - Image006

Fig. 7 tbh-39942 x GFP (nucl)



C2-tbh_GFP_47756.lif - Image013

Fig 8. 47756 x GFP (nucl)




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