on Friday, June 21st, 2013 6:47 | by Julien Colomb

So I got new flies to test. After one day of testing, I had only one control fly going through the test, all the 5 other were dead. That one did not learn.

I thus confirm that there is a problem with these flies. This means that I have no phenotype with one RNAi, and one phenotype with the other non-triggered RNAi which is probably not self-learning specific. This also means that the RNAi induction may not be sufficient and that I have no positive control for that.

The RNAi data are therefore not conclusive at all (neither positive nor negative results can be linked to any gene).

PS: I have checked the flies and overexpression of GFP did occur after 2 days Heatshock.


I will check the mutant again next week and I will be over with learning experiments. Still need some anatomy but then, I can finish the paper.

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Category: Operant learning, operant self-learning

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