self-learning experiments: no phenotype with d42Gal4,chaGal80?

on Thursday, October 11th, 2012 6:33 | by Julien Colomb

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n=6 but high self learning score for UAS-GFP; chaGal4,chaGal80 x tubGal80ts; UASPKCi  (that I wanted to use as a positive control).


Possible cause putative solution
UASPKCi flies are not clean got new flies from the stock
start new crosses to redo the line ?
will test d42Gal4 as a driver again (waiting for males)
UAS-GFP  disturbing the effect
crosses to get d42Gal4,chaGal80ts sans la construction GFP
Ask for fly and forsee new crosses for c380Gal4
Biology I will think about it when all other possibilities will be tested for.

next step is to test a real positive control again (d42Gal4 or elavGal4 if I do not have any d42Gal4  males tomorrow), along with the d42Gal4,chaGal80.

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Category: operant self-learning

One response to “self-learning experiments: no phenotype with d42Gal4,chaGal80?”

  1. Definitely do the orginal d42 cross, but also keep in mind that the controls didn’t learn and with single digit flies, the score can be spurious: maybe with 20 flies the score will be down to where you expected it to be…

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