15 Oct Sathish’ log

on Monday, October 15th, 2012 6:43 | by Sathish K Raja


Since its lab notebook, I write in such a way that I could easily understand the tasks and rest could follow up. I will post figures with explanation and results whenever available.


1. working on the scripts to differentiate initial 2 min and last 2 min of self learning exp. to see the learning effect.

dataset suffix numbered in random fashion, unable to create handle to embed in struct field. Cell array conversion was possible but cant identify the fly specificities. Waiting to get updated version of data from Julien.

21 Hz corrected to 20 hz using interp1 method written and saved in home/character/Julien/

rest of code compiled and saved in same loc.

2. Buridan data – after analysis .csv file data is arranged on basis of activity and non activity.

wrote codes to extract each fly data out of .csv and place in .mat file to enable easy loop over. error due to presence of 2 activity log subsequently due to bursts inside activity matrix. troubled files isolated.

interval between each activity is considered as IAI .  Even number logic is used in script. data(m,n)*ones(M)

sprintf(‘sol%d’,’iteration’) leaves only string ,convert using str2num and call the metafile.Yet to compile.

3.Altered the Grip code such that grip does not try to convert the location of activity(spikes) to time domains.saved as griburidan.m only used with buridan and pysolo data.yet to compile to function


1.crosses under way for self learning with crowd control

2.c819 Gal4 arrived from Bloomington n quarantined.

Log end

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