c232,105yx UAS-TNT self learning

on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 4:44 | by Julien Colomb

none of the group learn. Flies are quite weak. The two groups with UAS show a clear problem in operant behavior (low score during learning phases)…

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Category: operant self-learning, Spontaneous Behavior

3 responses to “c232,105yx UAS-TNT self learning”

  1. Julien Colomb says:

    PS: it is only the data from the second cross. The first cross gave similar results.

  2. Sathish K Raja says:

    I am wondering what you people discussed in the lab meeting about this? Should I prepare another cross ?

  3. Kind of hard to know what to do next. One way to go might be to outcross the strains to wtb, but this is a lot of work.

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