Optogenetics (Chrimson) with the Tmaze

on Friday, November 20th, 2015 5:33 | by


PI as a whole LM 1611 PI I LM 1611 PI II LM 1611

Last week, I started with the optogenetic experiment. Two days before the experiment,  I put male flies into little vials (lightproof) containing standard food medium and I added a dab of yeast mixed with eihter ethanol (for control group) or ATR (= all-trans-retinal) (for experiment group).

These are the experimental conditions:

~ 1600 lx; 20 Hz; 10 ms puls width; short tubes (transparent tube with red light and an opaque dark tube); 30 sec in the elevator; 1 min testing; 4 hours between the first testing and the repetition;