Red light Joystick Results

on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 8:57 | by Luisa Guyton

The box plots show the performance indices (PIs) of each fly as one dot for each minute of the test and for the pre- and post-test periods. Values between 1 and -1 indicate preference for or avoidance of the light.
The light used is red and has an intensity of 400 to 470 lux, the LEDs have a voltage of 7.5 volts. The control flies observed seem to show a stronger effect than in previous tests, which could be due to the use of a thinner fishing line (0.6 mm), which is easier to place correctly in the clamp of the joystick machine.
For the negative and positive control we used the line norpAP24;Gr28bd+TrpA1>Chrimson.
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Category: Optogenetics

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