First KO construct ready + WB

on Monday, May 7th, 2018 2:15 | by Ottavia Palazzo


The first construct for the KO (ds-Red-attP plasmid) of FoxP (all isoforms) is ready, with both the homology domain (Hom1 and Hom2) incorporated in the plasmid

As for the constructs, we miss just the KO for FoxP IsoB (I will let the student do it).


I also made the Western Blot for the FoxP-GFP strain. The green bands are actin (used as internal control), while the GFP should be in red. The blot has some background, and even though we have a slight red band of the appropriate dimension I am not sure it is specific. So I will do the Western blot again using a FLAG antibody.

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