Photopreference TH subgroups

on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 2:02 | by Axel Gorostiza

After finishing the first round of the screen to find out the DA substrate of the photopreference, I decided to change the genetic background of the GAL4s and UAS. Now all of them are in WTB background.

Here are the first results. It is only an n of 1.

TH subgrups (WTB)



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Category: Biogenic Amines, wing clipping

2 responses to “Photopreference TH subgroups”

  1. Christian Rohrsen says:

    Sot TH-C1 and F1 are required for the switch, arent they? and the D’ control is just weird…

  2. Axel Gorostiza says:

    All controls are weird here. Most of the drivers and the effector alone showed a change at 32°C, and none of the experimental groups showed it. It is only an n of 1 so it is imposible to say something. It could just be chance.

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