Update: Phototactic Flexibility (OA Neurons) & “Stainings”

on Monday, December 21st, 2015 1:10 | by Bianca Birk

Figure 1 shows the newest results of the screen of the tbh-subgroups.

tbh21.12 - Copy

Fig. 1: tbh-subgroups tested at RT and 32°C


In addition I dissected brains of these flies.

C2-tbh_GFP_39940.lif - Image002

Fig 2: 39940 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_41306.lif - Image002

Fig 3: 41306 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_48333.lif - Image014

Fig 4: 48333 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_45904.lif - Image006

Fig 5: 45904 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_46972.lif - Image008

Fig 6: 46972 x GFP (nucl)


C2-tbh_GFP_47755.lif - Image002

Fig 7: 47755 x GFP (nucl)


As a next step I’ll compare my “stainings” to the ones from flybase.


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