Update 2: Variability of Phototaxis 3

on Monday, December 14th, 2015 12:47 | by Isabelle Steymans

Now that I reached an N of 4 for the flies of tube 0, I decided that this will be the final amount of groups of flies that will be tested (Fig.1+2). Because it is really hard to get 40 flies of the tube 0 in one week to be able to test them. Due to the results of the Buridan-paradigm, where we saw that the flies of tube 0 traveled the smallest distance and had the lowest activitytime because they made more pauses than the flies of the other tubes (see Update 2: Variability of Phototaxis 4: Buridan). So  I will change the time I give the flies for each decision in the Benzer. I decided to give them 1 minute for each choice instead of 15 seconds, to see if their decision is only due to a lack of time or if it is stable over time.



Fig.1: Cumulative proportions in all tubes



Fig.2: Proportions in all tubes

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Category: Individual choices in population paradigm, wing clipping

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