Temperature Impact on Phototactic Behavior – Gr28b.d(X) and TrpA1

on Friday, November 6th, 2015 11:33 | by Amelie Roedel

I tested the crossbreedings I did to test how flies behave according to light at different temperatures. The controls I use for this project are WTB x ShiTS, Gr28b.d(X) x WTB and WTB. For the TrpA1 flies I use WTB x ShiTS and TrpA1 x WTB. The genotypes that are supposed to show the change in the behavior are Gr28b.d(X) x ShiTS and TrpA1 x ShiTS.

As the flies do not behave as they are supposed to (see figure 1 & 2), I’ll start testing the genetic background of different wildtypes to see if that has something to do with the wrong change in the behavior.



Figure 1: different genotypes testet at 25°C, 32°C and back at 25°C




Figure 2: different genotypes tested at 25°C, 37°C and back at 37°C

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