Phototactic flexibility (OA neurons) & Staining of ChaG80;ThG4

on Monday, October 26th, 2015 2:49 | by Bianca Birk

Phototactic flexibility

I continue testing the tbh-Gal4 subgroups and tbh-lexA.

Figure 1 shows the newest results of tbh-lexA (n=6)

Figure 2 shows the newest results of tbh-Gal4 (tbh48331, tbh46970 n=3, tbh39942 n=1, rest with a n of 2)



Figure1: tbh-lex A tested at RT -> 32°C -> RT




Figure 2: tbh subgroups tested at RT and 32°C



I practiced the dissections of brains for stainings. So I fixed the flies for one hour in PFA 4% , then I dissected the brains, washed them a few times with PBST and after it I mount them with vectashield.

Figure 3 shows a picture of a brain of a Cha-Gal80;TH-Gal4 x GFP (nucl.) flie.


Figure 3: Staining: Cha-Gal80;TH-Gal4 x GFP (nucl.)



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