Sampling rate in the platform: looking for even sampling times

on Monday, September 28th, 2015 2:28 | by Christian Rohrsen

withoutinternet2 SamplingrateHomogeneity of the sampling rate in the platform: is improved mainly by stopping any other running programs and the internet, setting priority in the CPU doesn´t improve much. This doesn´t completely solve the problem so the priority was also changed in the code of the software itself and the sampling frequency has been changed to a higher one (because this one isn´t enough for intrapolation from what I have seen) in order to be able to make intrapolation. However we will try to change this to around 62ms sampling because the system somehow tends to measure a this time. In addition I did model several behaviors (white noise random, oscilatory activity with three frequencies, and several chaotic systems: logistic, clifford and lorentz) to see what their parameters and graphs look like, but they all have very incongruent results, so it didn´t bring much info. I have to check if I´m setting the right values for the analysis parameters.

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Category: R code, Spontaneous Behavior

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