looks good, hope to confirm that in the following two weeks

on Monday, March 25th, 2013 11:51 | by Julien Colomb


It would be great to have some physiolgy data (electrophy) to have a guess about the effect of the PKC in the motorneurons (?)… Do you know if there is a paradigm to look at LTP and LTD at the MNJ?


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3 responses to “looks good, hope to confirm that in the following two weeks”

  1. Carsten Duch may be the guy to look at physiology of motorneurons. Sounds like just the project for a collaborative grant. I’ll talk to him about it!

    BTW: I still only see my own data when I click on that link…

  2. Julien Colomb says:

    It is statistically different from 0 in both controls, not in the test. will do another day of experience on wednesday, and it will be enough. The data seems not to be on figshare yet, I will check why tomorrow…

    need to have some anatomical data on the lines, and then the where will be good to go

  3. Excellent! This was a long and difficult project! Well done!

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