on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 7:01 | by Sathish K Raja

sorry for separate posts !

Yaw spike frequency here, seems TNT has some effect on it.

The following figure shows the computer generated correlated Buridan walk data. I extracted inter event parameters and used GRIP on them. We had plans to use this data as a control group., However it appears to be well above the poisson process. I really wonder what to use as control, I will generate may be poisson process myself within some xlimit, ylimit and can try,, Any ideas would be appreciated ?

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  1. Sathish K Raja says:

    My Bad, I am sorry, it is close to poisson process.0.02 is the range for poisson process in case of ISI of yaw torque in the publöication.

  2. And you can’t compare walking to flying! You need to have the right control groups to compare to, or you’re comparing apples to oranges!

  3. Sathish K Raja says:

    Yes thats true ! So as I asked for your opinion but according to Julien’s information correlated walk generated by R should be poisson process. So how about using these data as a control for GRIP analysis on inter event interval for buridan output data. Else I really wonder about I could use.

  4. Sathish K Raja says:

    I posted the old figures, GRIP on inter event intervals(ST buridan)
    We could compare these with correlated walk !

  5. Julien Colomb says:

    Nice to see progresses.
    To bjoern: When we compare computer generated data, it does not matter if it is modelling flight or walk: It is comparing apples to windows (couldn’t resist the joke): in both cases it is comparing a serie of 0 and 1 to another.

    We discussed it, and one possibility is the effect of counting any pause shorter than 1 sec as activity: this will have an effect of the pause lenght distribution, but I do not know if it will then be less poisson…

    Sathish: the TNT had no effect in the other experiment, did it?
    The description of the GRIP analysis is really crude: I do not really get what it does, yet. It would be great if you could come with a thorough description for the next lab meeting. It is too difficult to interpret results otherwise.
    Did you do the GRIP inter-spike-interval analysis on the flight data I had sent to you?

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