2nd Experiment

on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 2:39 | by Lidia Castro

Yesterday, we cut the wings of half of the experimental flies.

We let them get over for 2 hours, and after that I repeated the same experiment we did last day, letting them choose between darkness and light.

There wasn’t a big difference between flies with wings and flies without wings, but the experiment shows flies without wings have less light preference than the other ones.

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3 responses to “2nd Experiment”

  1. So, do you have any data you can show us?

  2. Lidia says:

    Results from yesterday
    Flies with wings:
    light –> 24
    darkness –> 5
    making no decision –> 9

    Flies without wings:
    light –> 26
    darkness –> 7
    making no decision –> 7

    Today they showed more differences (same experiment) :yes:
    Flies with wings:
    light –> 21
    darkness –> 0
    making no decision –> 1

    Flies without wings:
    light –> 15
    darkness –> 2
    making no decision –> 4

  3. Sathish K Raja says:

    Sounds good. Perhaps, its easy to show in plots.You could try excel plot options.

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