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Update: Red light Joystick results

on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 1:28

After the first full week of testing the three different fly lines with red light, we have analyzed the results. We are now able to provide a further update on our findings.

While the effect for the control groups seems to stay consistent with our previous findings, the effect for the positive control has weakened and is closer to the strength measured in previous experiments. We utilized the norpAP24;Gr28bd+TrpA1>Chrimson line for both our positive and negative controls.

Furthermore, the experimental group, which previously favored red light in the post-test, showed a more varied and inconclusive profile. We will need to conduct further testing to determine whether the previously observed effect was simply caused by the small sample size.

Another important discovery was the necessity of feeding the flies sugar water 5-10 minutes before the experiment in order to maintain their activity levels. This way the flies will be identified as a valid data point by the R-script and will ensure more and more accurate data. It is important to note that we will implement this feeding process in all future experiments to ensure consistency and accuracy of the data collected.