Numerosity in Buridan’s

on Monday, July 25th, 2022 3:54 | by Björn Brembs

Last week, high-school student Marie Grünleitner tested wild type and blind flies in a modified Buridan’s paradigm. Instead of just two stripes, she put four stripes onto the arena walls: one stripe on one side and three stripes on the other. This experiment was inspired by a poster at FENS22 which is summarized in this preprint. She tested 15 flies in each group. She found that wild type flies prefer the threes stripes (up in the figures) while blind flies stay mostly anywhere at the edge of the platform.

Wild type flies:

NorpA blind flies:

I will use the other software from the authors in Paris to see if it runs on our data and what results these evaluations will yield.

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