summary of the results of locomotion experiments on drosophila larvae so far and pcdf6 cloning scheme

on Monday, December 14th, 2020 1:06 | by Sarah-Lynn Stratil

t=1 min
method 1: food ring
method 2: one food patch
method 3: edge of petri dish
0.25 cm grid, t=1 min
method 3.1: counting squares
0.1 cm grid under microscope, t= 1min
method 3.2: counting sqaures
ELAV-Gal4;TubGal80 x UAS-gRNA
ELAV-Gal4;TubGal80 x UAS-Cas9
ELAV-Gal4;TubGal80 x UAS-Cas9- gRNA
each cross was made 3 times, to put in 18 °C, 25°C and 30°C
A: 25 °C larvae
B: larvae-temperature scheme
30 °C for two days
25 °C until tested

ELAV-geneswitch x UAS-gRNA
ELAV-geneswitch x UAS-Cas9
ELAV-geneswitch x UAS-Cas9- gRNA
Crosses for GeneSwitch
pcdf6 cloning scheme

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