Progresses in antibody production

on Friday, April 6th, 2018 12:09 | by Ottavia Palazzo


After 2 immunization on the mice we made an ELISA test in order to see if there is an immunogenic response in the serum. There is a response for both the peptides, the only problem is that is not really specific: the mice immunized with one peptide (URE-9) show a response also for the other peptide (URE-10), even if slightly lower, and viceversa.

Also the response is not great enough, therefore a 3rd immunization is required.


We also finally have the recombinant protein (FoxP IsoB-FLAG). Here´s the picture of the western blot with the band of the appropriate size (60 kD) on the right. On the left is the same band from the cell lysate.

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