First lab book post

on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 6:47 | by Christine Damrau

Hi all, I forgot about the lab book email, because it reached me in New Orleans… My day:

1 Collected virgins for our ill post-doc

2 Prepared colored food (10mg/ml, 2.5ml total in the very little vials, ~ 7 flies in each vial). Vicky tested in the afternoon females in the Buridan. The the duration of drug application was increased to 3h  because there was no effect after 1 hour. Data will be shown in the lab meeting.

3 Answered to Dennis Pauls to make an appointment for the Trehalose measurement in Würzburg

4 Glued hooks for a flight experiment I did not do because I did not know, how… (idea was to test whether the UAS-tbh cross is ok)

5 Checked my TDCxGCaMP flies for expression in the fluorescence dissection scope (very cool!) in Marco’s room (borrowed from Konstantin). Then realized that there are pupa in the virgin vials :(

6 Temperature-dependent experiments in Buridan: wanted to test the infrared lamp with the dimmer (measure the temperature change). Was impossible because the thermometer itself heated up. So, I finally looked for an infrared thermometer (you can point on the area you want to measure).

7 boring stuff… Dienstreiseabrechnung was wrong… Email to the Chinese guys again about the cylinder for Buridan… Explained Florian (Marco’s master student) some fly stuff…

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