Behavioral bursts on Pysolo midline crossing

on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 6:46 | by Sathish K Raja

I used 400 min data of midline crossing activity in pysolo to do the bursty analysis. All codes are ready and the following are figures.


Figure legend:



3. Wtb-TNT

1. Weibull distribution : K=1 denotes poisson process and published fly shape distribution k=0.46±0.07sem
















2.Burstiness factor :

Poisson process would be 0, while B >0 is from drosophila, human activity etc.,

3.Memory parameter:  I am still gathering information about it.

A Sorribes, BG Armendariz, D Lopez-Pigozzi, C Murga, GG de Polavieja   ‘The Origin of Behavioral Bursts in Decision-Making Circuitry’. PLoS Comp. Biol. 7(6): e1002075 (2011)


By the way , Is there a functionality to insert  .fig file and tiff file? I get empty image after uploading .tiff file.

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2 responses to “Behavioral bursts on Pysolo midline crossing”

  1. Need to look into posting TIFF files, not sure.

  2. Slightly more bursty than controls, eh? Interesting!

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