on the front of Buridan analysis

on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 6:29 | by Julien Colomb

By looking at a way to simulate activity/inactivity pattern in the computer generated walk, I found this:

Fractal time in animal behaviour: the movement activity of Drosophila” Blaine J. Cole 1993

I read it, now I need to search more in order to understand it: maybe we can find ideas to perform more analyses (or corrections to the version we have) and to get better simulated data (how to determine mu in the levy walks)

“Foraging Fruit Flies: Lagrangian and Eulerian, Descriptions of Insect Swarming”
Joseph D. Majkut
phd Thesis


mu has to be lower or equal to 3: that’s already some information!

ohh science: the closer we look, the most complex it becomes… I love it!

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  1. Julien Colomb says:


    another one with great input…
    so far, I can get the linear relationship of the Cole paper. I still do not know if my calculation are wrong (something I misunderstood, error in code, threshold of activity versus inactivity not relevant,… ) or if the data do not permit to see this effect (is 15 min too short? ).

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