Using R to analyze data from Buridan’s paradigm

In Buridan’s paradigm, wingless flies walk on a platform surrounded by water for 15 minutes.  We developed a fly tracking software and are now developing scripts for the open source statistics package R for raw data analysis:

We currently analyze data from experiments with different stripe widths using different wild type and mutant fly lines (rut, dnc, rsh). For comparison with the raw fly data, computer-generated data are also available.

The paradigm will also be used to monitor behavioral change after wing clipping (see “Hide if you can’t fly” project).

The project was initiated by Björn Brembs, Lutz Reiter wrote the tracking software and the initial R code, together with Jan Wessnitzer in Edinburgh. Jedrzei Blaszkiewicz collected data, and Julien Colomb wrote and debugged the R code to its present state.

sourceforge page:

news concerning this project

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