Updates on optomotor response software

on Friday, March 20th, 2020 3:19 | by

  • Added a timer
  • Previous version generated faulty xml files. This bug has been squashed (see image below)
  • Display window of the software now also prints which direction the striped arena turns
The highlighted red areas are the ones that caused issues. Contingency has also been added to the xml file from the optomotor response (not shown). This did not cause any errors when running the DTS analysis Rscript but I thought it looked nicer having it there.
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Control cross

on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 1:20 | by

Control cross of UAS-Cas9;UAS-gFoxP with ELAV-GAL4;UAS-Cas9 is working. Flys are not able to fly and are walking poorly.

Control cross of Hs-Gal4 with UAS-Stinger is still not working.

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UASCas9;UASgFoxP X ElavG4;TubGal80

Update on coditional FoxP manipulation. Either no manipulation at 18°c or switch to 30°c for adult flys.

Top: switch to 30°c for adult flys.
Bottom: no switch in temperatur
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UASCas9;UASgFoxP X ElavG4;UASCas9 or ElavG4;TubGal80

on Monday, February 3rd, 2020 1:22 | by

First data of conditional FoxP temperature switch in adult flys

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Fluorescence histogram

on Monday, January 27th, 2020 1:48 | by

Proof of concept. I was playing around with ImageJ and found that there is a built in function already that does analyze the fluorescence intensity. I am just not sure exactly what it tells us. This is only as far as I have gotten yet.
The image below is the one I used.

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Dwelling Time

on | by

The code generates the dwelling time for each period as well as the median dwelling time for each period. The code has also been implemented on grouped data but it only generates graphs for one of the groups, not both. Currently investigating why

Just gloating here
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Valence and dopamingergic neurons

on | by

I have been sorting and feeding flies ATR (in total about 7400 flies divided between 170 vials). Emer has been conducting the experiments during the previous week continuing this week.
Including the flies from today we have a total of 172 experiments divided between 7 experimental groups. Including the data from the Turkish students it is well over 230.

I looked at the control experiments and they look as expected. Perhaps even better than what the Turkish students had.

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Optomotor response

on | by

Slowly are we getting closer to getting a optomotor response
I made the following changes

  • Glued flies to a needle rather than the plastic optic fiber
  • Head of fly was not glued, the fly was able to rotate its head
  • I put focus on making sure to get the fly as straight as possible
  • Contrast between black and white was increased
  • The light was adjusted to increase the brightness within the arena
There is an optomotor response but it is entirely generated from just one single fly, the remaining 4 flies had no OR.

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New FPGA software

on Monday, January 20th, 2020 2:02 | by

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Optomotor Response not really working

on | by

  • Other projects I have been working on this week
  • Working out the new FPGA software for Flight simulator
  • Collecting flies for Optogenetics Experiment
  • Implementing dwelling times in DTS R script
  • Implementing Metadata comparison in R script
  • Grant writing
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