Our lab through the ages…

Regensburg 2020:

During the Sars-CoV2 pandemic of 2020, without students, but with social distance and protection:

Upper picture, from the left: Björn Brembs, Anders Eriksson, Ottavia Palazzo, Marcela Loza-Hillares, Andreas Ehweiner.

Lower picture, clockwise from the top: Anders Eriksson, Marcela Loza-Hillares, Ottavia Palazzo, Björn Brembs, Andreas Ehweiner.

Regensburg, 2019:

Lower, from the left: Marcela Loza-Hillares, Ottavia Palazzo, Ferruh Aydin.

Regensburg, 2018:


Upper row, from the left: Julia Dobbert, Saurabh Bedi, Christian Rohrsen, Anders Eriksson, Björn Brembs

Middle, from left: Marcela Loza-Hillares, Ottavia Palazzo, Gaia Bianchini

lower, from left: Amanda Torres, Anthony Hérnandez Vásquez, Monica Morales, Anokhi Kashiparekh, Naman Agrawal, Avani Koparkar

Regensburg, 2017:

From left to right: Saloni Rose, Wetian Sun, Angelika Kühn, Christian Rohrsen, below: Björn Brembs, Axel Gorostiza

Regensburg, 2015/16:

From left to right: Christian Rohrsen, Björn Brembs, Axel Gorostiza, Amelie Roedel, Isabelle Steymans, Bianca Birk, Angelika Kühn, Pablo Martinez

Regensburg, 2014:


From left to right: Christian Rohrsen, Björn Brembs, Axel Gorostiza, Katrin Hofweber, Angelika Kühn

Until October 2012 our lab was located in the Institute of Biology of the Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin-Dahlem, Germany.

Berlin, 2012:

Rear, from the left: Björn BrembsJulien Colomb, Neloy Chakroborty, Yasmine Graf,

Front, from the left: Madeleine-Marie Gilles, Sathishkumar Raja, Christine Damrau, Victoria Antemann, Hildegard Hopp,

Missing: Denise Bock, Lucie Dietrich

Berlin, 2011:

Rear, from the left: Ben Beuster, Madeleine-Marie Gilles, Christine Damrau, Hildegard Hopp, Sathishkumar Raja.

Front, from the left: Björn BrembsJulien Colomb, Marc-Nicolas Rentinck.

Missing: Yasmine Graf

Berlin, 2010:

Rear, from the left: Yasmine Graf, Marc-Nicolas Rentinck, Ben Beuster, Jedrzej Blaszkiewicz, Björn Brembs.

Front, from the left: Madelaine-Marie Gilles, Hildegard Hopp, Sathishkumar Raja, Julien Colomb.

Berlin, 2009:

From left: Julien Colomb, Ben Beuster, Laure Geidel, Philipp Vogt, Julian Clauss, Saskia Rughöft, Björn Brembs, Marc-Nicolas Rentinck.

Berlin, 2003-2009:

Björn Brembs, in search of funding. Here in Uppsala, Sweden.

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